Blooming Team

Meet Oli! Aka Boss Man

Oli hails from Quebec but has been gracing the Columbia Valley with his existence for over a decade now. Oli and Marjo are the proud owners at Blooming World, with a customer focused vision and memorable experience in mind; these cool cats have done a pretty bang up job at building the Dream Team (if we don’t say so ourselves😎).
  • Indica or Sativa? Sativa
  • Preferred smoking method? Joints. Always.
  • Favourite smoking activity? Snowboarding or taking Harley for a walk
  • Favourite accessory in the shop? My Medtainer, easy to roll my joints on the fly!
  • Favourite Terpene? Limonene
  • Favourite producer? BLKMKT or Broken Coast
  • Favourite edible treat? The Olli dragon fruit gummies or anything Ace Valley
  • Something you wish people knew about weed or the people who smoke it? Medicinal or recreationally weed will always be a huge part of my life! It has definitely saved me in a lot of ways!

Meet Marjorie!

Meet Marjorie aka Marjo aka Boss Lady. 💪🏽This little legend hails from the big city of Montreal, moving here roughly 20 years ago to work all around Alberta and BC and travel the world whenever she could. Finally, 8 years ago, Marjo decided this beautiful community was home; 4 years later, Oli and her decided to start their business adventure together.

  • Favorite strain? Mango Haze… this fruity strain with a mix of THC and CBD. Like everything in my life, I like a good balance.
  • Best method of consumption: Anything sublingual, I love the drinks, edibles and the oil
  • Favorite stoner activity?  Anything related to camping. Enjoying the night by the campfire with a good cannabis drink!
  • Favourite accessory in the shop? Monster bongs, love anything funky !
  • Favourite terpene? When life gives you lemon, makes LIMONENE… Love this terpene, a good way to elevate mood and be uplifted.
  • Favourite producer? Broken Coast and BC Black.
  • Favourite edible/treat? I am more savoury than sweet… Peanut butter cup from Halftime.
  • Something you wish people knew about weed or the people that smoke it?  Even for the heavy smoker, try adding some CBD once in a while (either with gummies, oil , flowers..). CBD can really benefit you and help when your body is building an intolerance to THC. With over 100 cannabinoids, I think we will keep learning more about all the benefits this miracle plant can offer.

Meet Niecy!

Niecy hales from Sylvan Lake, but has been around the area for quite some time now. Having plenty of family and friends in the area has made it an easy decision for her to call the Columbia Valley her home.
  • Team Indica or Sativa? Indicas mostly but once in a while Sativas when I need a good “kick in the pants”.
  • Preferred smoking method? BONG BABY! Joints for a group session.
  • Fav stoner activity? Painting and eating
  • Favourite accessory in the shop? Stoner mugs! Love the duality of smoking a bowl and drinking a coffee.
  • Fav terpene? Terpineol – love, love, love a floral undertone in my weed and the heavy body relaxation it produces.
  • Favourite producer? Currently 1964, loving the profiles, taste and price point (especially for organic!)
  • Favourite edible/treat? Wild Berry Blaze by Shred Ems. Tastes amazing, doesn’t stick in my teeth. I also get a great nights sleep!
  • Something you wish people new about weed or the people that smoke it? You’d be surprised who uses it, it could be your 80 year old neighbour who uses this product for therapeutic reasons, and I’m sure she’s raving about it.