About Us


Our store is truly one-of-a-kind. This store was designed by us and everything was made either by us or someone local. We tried to buy all materials and decorations in Invermere to help encourage our local business owners.
We tend to get a lot of good comments on the welcoming atmosphere that surrounds you as you enter our store. We absolutely love what we do and we believe it shows in the vibe and the service we provide.
We are also very proud of the team we have at Blooming World. We are all avid cannabis connoisseurs and love having deeper conversations about cannabis. We truly feel like a family and we are so glad to able to do something that we are all so passionate about, together.

The beginning

I have been in Invermere for 13 years. I was an avid snowboarder and the mountains were the reason I moved out west. I love the life Invermere can offer you, it’s like living in a vacation place all year round.

The idea of Blooming World was not born overnight. Me and my girlfriend, Marjorie, thought about opening a cannabis store in 2017, when it was announced that cannabis would be legalized. We were waiting to see if BC would allow private retailers (which was annouced in 2018).  We had it all planned out, I would work keep working on the rig and Marjorie would manage the store while I was away.  With the help of friend Shawn Wernig, a graphic designer, the dream of Blooming World started to take life. After a long application process, we were the 8th store to open in all of British Columbia.


We are dog friendly... and cats. We love them all

We did actually had a cat in the store once. A customer brought him in her jacket, and we let him roam the store, and of course he did find his way into our cannabis cabinets.

We love our furry friends and we are always happy to welcome them in the store. But we have to warn you, they might be getting some snuggles and love from us !

And of course, we do sweep and clean after a furry visit as we know some people might be allergic. We try to keep it safe for everyone.

The pretty guy on the picture is Harley. We got Harley when he was just a couple months old, that was 1 year and a 1/2 ago. You might have seen Harley hanging out at the store. He loves giving kisses and is a big favorite among our customers. Unfortunately, Harley was in a terrible train accident a couple weeks ago, he has since been in critical care in Calgary. But being the superstar that he is, he will make it home. We know a lot of you are impatient to get his kisses at the store, he will come back but he needs to learn to walk again, but we know that he has a strong will to live. If you like story of courage, come meet Harley.

Come by and say high

Everyone is welcome in the store (19+ of course lol) and we try our best to make you feel at home when you come in.

Is it your first time and don’t know much about cannabis? We love showing and explaining the difference between all the products, different genetics and any other inquiries you may have. No question is irrelevant and us cannabis specialists love to share our knowledge.

Maybe you are a long-time consumer of cannabis and not sure what to expect from legal cannabis. Well, we love taking the time to show you all of the different  and maybe new to you, products. You will be very pleasantly surprised with our  huge selection of over 120 strains to choose from, some very high-THC and some very good prices.

Or you may even just wanna come to hang out and talk about cannabis.

Either way, we believe we are more than just a store and we welcome you to our Blooming Family !